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Cold working



Within the process of cold working HET-MARK Ltd. offers:

 - cutting parts from metal sheets and strips, bending, stamping presses with pressure: 10T and 100T;

 - construction details of the pipes - upsetting, etc.;

 - construction details of wires and bars - straightening, cutting to length, etc.

Processing of pipes and profiles

  HET-MARK Ltd. offers mass cutting of tubes, rods and profiles on CNC machines, using new technology, including the Italian company PEDRAZZOLI. In addition to the cuts we can also debur the ends in various ways, including by vibration.


   P. W. HETMARK Ltd. offers you the ability to cut materials with cross sections:

 - Round - from fi 10 up to fi 102 mm.

 - Square - ftom 10 up to 88 mm.

 - Rectangular – from 12x10 up to 100x83 mm.

Cutting length from 15 up to 3000 mm.


In the machining HET-MARK Ltd. offers:

 - turning rods or tubes for conventional and CNC machines from fi 5 to fi 60;

 - turning and milling on CNC machines from fi 10 to fi 42;

 - performance of external threads by rolling from M5 to M12;

 - performance of internal threads;

-  CNC milling with a 700x400 mm machining field.

We do both large production runs and small batch work and individual components according to customer needs. 

We can work with your material or provide you with materials needed.

We will be happy to answer your questions and we would like to see you as our business partner.

P.W. >>HET-MARK<< Ltd


   We invite you to view our offer. We have a diverse machine park adapted for both small and large series production. The quality of our services is confirmed by IATF and ISO certificates.



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    If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them. Please contact us by phone or email. We hope that our services will meet your expectations.