P.W. >>HET-MARK<< ltd.


Informations about P.W. HETMARK


    HET-MARK Ltd. has been registered at the District Court in Czestochowa on 29.09.2011.

   The company was founded in 2012, taking over the production and customers of family company P.W. HET-MARK. The company's activity in 2012 is mainly the production of small metal parts for automotive industry by machining and cold working.

   Manufactured parts are mounted among others in the following car brands: Fiat, Toyota, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, BMW.

   The Company has various machinery equipment, automatic lathes, CNC and conventional type, devices for automatic drilling, line for cutting tubes and rods, thread rolling machines, milling machines, hydraulic presses.

Machining 50%
Processing of pipes and profiles 30%
Cold working 5%
Other 15%

P.W. >>HET-MARK<< Ltd


   We invite you to view our offer. We have a diverse machine park adapted for both small and large series production. The quality of our services is confirmed by IATF and ISO certificates.



 P.W. HET-MARK Ltd.                    Nowa Wieś, ul.Kopalniana 11,             42-262 Poczesna, Polska




 +48 694 626 234

        +48 509 801 101



    If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them. Please contact us by phone or email. We hope that our services will meet your expectations.